phew. it has been a month. i’m so overwhelmed + overjoyed + beside myself with how much fun + love i’ve been shown in the past several weeks! besides orders for custom pieces, we had a very, very, very important birthday to celebrate this month….#thebigsix went down + “everything was awesome!”

that’s right, like i mentioned in this previous post, little mr. re-nest #1 requested, oh, about eight months ago, that his sixth birthday party be all things lego. so i got going on my very important pinterest board to try + get some inspiration. then the invitations came around, which i couldn’t help but share here. and, then the party.

after #thebigfive last year, i swore up and down that that would be the last party that we held at our house…given the boys + their friends were getting bigger and rowdier and needed to burn off some energy. so, where did we go? energym in sycamore! 

given i was going to be decorating out of my usual element, i kind of focused on a really cool cake, a candy table, a banner or two, and then let emmet from halloween kind of do the heavy lifting for me. y’all know me and i love doing party decor in bright, amazing colors, so doing a lego party was very, very awesome! and, the kids had a great time, which was all that mattered (because i also learned that scotch tape alone will not hold a delicate banner to the front of a table when there are fifteen five- and six-year-olds around!)

so, here goes with the photos….and much love + credit to those who made this possible! 

aren’t these lego frameables awesome?!?
such fantastic additions to the party from
i should be mopping the floor!

once again, paige at polka dot bakery amazed me. she is just the bestest!
all of the credit for this masterpiece goes to mr. re-nest.
three hours and a couple of bins of legos +
this amazingness was done!

what’s a party without a candy table?
with a custom “master builder” banner made by me.

popcorn! in the lego head! (which means all of our
lego bricks now smell like popcorn!)

i was so psyched about this….the party favors.
a very big thanks to typorific for putting together these
awesome vinyl names + lego heads and getting them
to me so quickly!

….and of course, emmet made an appearance!

the final vote from little mr. re-nest #1 was that #thebigsix was awesome! stay tuned because up next is little mr. re-nest #2’s “finding nemo” second birthday party!


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