seriously, i still look at that hashtag + want to burst out laughing! a week ago, i did just that: i went on a weekend getaway with eight other moms that i didn’t know. i mean, i knew one woman….sort of. like, knew her from facebook + that was it. so, how does all of…

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in honor of one of my inspirations

since i first heard the news yesterday of the passing of kate spade, i have felt an emptiness. shock. and, sadness for such a bright, beautiful talent, who was clearly struggling. it’s not because of her handbags and all of the sweet memories i have around each of my kate bags. it’s mostly about how…

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we built a garden

not going to lie: i have a summer bucket list going for this year. i always, always, always feel like we get to august, the kids have to head to school, and i’m sitting here yelling, “WAIT! we didn’t do (fill in the blank!)” not this year. 🙂 i started working on it a couple…

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