a very chicka chicka boom boom celebration!

this year, i was not mom of the year when it came to celebrating little mr. re-nest #2’s birthday on time. at all. not even close. the poor child’s birthday falls on/around memorial day weekend, so my (flawed) logic said, “let’s have a summer party, when people are around!” guess what? summer came and we…

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the new accessories cart every little girl needs

news flash: i’m less than a month away from becoming an auntie. (side note: i’m still trying to figure out what to be called. if you have recos, shoot me a message!) anyway, so last weekend, i went up to milwaukee to help out my sister + brother-in-law with getting organized for baby. we folded…

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it’s my 5th birthday!

yep, today is a super special day! five years ago today, i officially launched re-nest studio. the facebook page went live, the etsy shop was getting shared, and i started making for so many people from california to massachusetts. this little passion project of mine has become so much more than i ever thought it…

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