just write, she said.

hi friends. goodness it’s been a long time. an embarrasingly long time. but if you are at least keeping up with me on socials, you know that life is crazy. our two boys are deep in middle school and elementary school, swim life, running life, and soon-to-be soccer life. plus, i’m managing my full time job. oh, and i also added the super simple element of grad school last fall. (i’m such a glutton for punishment.)

even with all of that, i still have this blog that i have massively abandoned and that i really should be using to write. because i love to write! i was recently checking out some of my favorite follows over on linkedin and came across a great post by christine gritmon (who, if you are in the content, marketing, branding space is a fantastic follow!) she shared that she hadn’t blogged in a while and really needed to get back to it. i shared the same. i even shared the idea of starting a support group for lapsed bloggers so that we could be accountable to one another. (haha!) instead, i’ve been thinking about the whole concept of “just write.” i obviously want to give you all stuff you actually think is cool and you care about, but i want to try to stress less about trying to come up with something that is life-changing each week. sometimes it’s just sharing the seemingly regular that can make the most connections.

so, in the not-extraordinary-not-sexy things that have been happening – in no particular order – here are some somethings that have happened:

  1. we have this beautiful giant pine tree in our backyard that my husband has decided is ready to come down. a little background: two years ago, we lost the top 10′-15′ of it in a horrible spring storm. then three weeks ago, we lost another five giant branches from it in a winter storm. this beauty is dying and needs to come down. i called a professional. i got a quote. my husband is going to try and tackle it to save the money. (bless him.)
  2. after running from COVID for more than two years, it caught me last fall. it wasn’t a bad case, but i now have this intermittent low hum in my right ear ever since i had the ‘VID. finally went to the doctor this week because i have no time to go to the doctor and dealing with the hum for six months was my threshold…i have eustachian tube dysfunction. sounds fun, huh?
  3. we got a new washer + dryer! if you’re an adult, you understand how cool this is! that’s all. oh, except that it required a mini makeover of the laundry room, which the husband did in a weekend and for that, he is a saint.
  4. yes, i’m still making stuff! i swear, it’s been the orders that have come in while i’m in school that have helped me have some mental balance. getting to make helps my brain so much. i’ve gotten to do a couple of parties and lots of christmas ornaments and my easter basket tags are next!
  5. i’ve become obsessed with “abbott elementary.” have you seen it? oh my goodness, our family doesn’t watch anything live. we now make the one exception for “abbott.” it’s extraordinary, so well written, quinta brunson is the GOAT, and i adore every single thing about this show. the boys love it too!
  6. crafts + kids does still exist! i’m just having to do my virtual classes wherever i can fit them in and i’m trying to get some in-person ones in the schedule too at 35:35 makers collective in downtown sycamore. in fact, i have a virtual one scheduled for next weekend! (sneak peek of our project below!)

i promise more posts will be coming with more fun + goodness! i have to give another shoutout to the amazing christine gritmon for being so open about the struggle to keep up with a blog, her honesty, and for giving me the kick in the pants i needed to get back here. see y’all here again soon!


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