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winter here in the great midwest. and, boy, oh boy is it winter. (example: this
morning, it was -32 degrees with wind chill. want to know what -32 degrees
feels like? nope, didn’t think so.) so, the cold + wind + blustery existence
means a couple of things. you either: 1. you totally embrace the change in
seasons and you love when feet of snow are dumped in your front yard and you
can’t wait one moment to get into the snow, or 2. your first urge is to pull
out your softest, warmest sweatpants, a fleece, a comfy blanket, a cozy pillow,
and anything else you can find that brings warmth and coziness and curl up on
the couch. if you’re like me, the latter applies to pretty much any day from
november to march. 
i was
recently chatting with my new friends at parachute home, a newer company that specializes in quality bedding, about all things comfy + cozy. that conversation got me thinking: i have so many go-to items in the
re-nest house that i turn to when it’s one of those days where i just need to
curl up and be. and i’m of course always on the lookout for new ones that can
add to my home (or to my arsenal of all things comfy!) why not share what makes
us comfy + cozy?
so, in
the spirit of the winter blast of february 2015 that much of the country has
encountered, grab a mug of tea/hot chocolate/coffee, your favorite blanket +
curl up as we look through some of my very favorite comfy things!
my fave
warm attire…
the missy from little houses clothing on etsy
i shared this on the re-nest studio facebook page a couple of weeks back, and i’m still just fanatically crazy
about the latest littlehouses clothing addition to my closet!
introducing the missy, from the incredibly
talented little houses clothing on etsy. warmth, style, shape, and comfort. i’m not
sure about you, but i love the feel (and warmth) of a sweatshirt, but i’m a
little over the boxy nature of the sweatshirts i’ve  been hanging on to
since college (and before!) a friend of mine introduced me to little houses
clothing, i was fortunate enough to get my first one last year (thanks
mom-in-law!), and was so in love, it made my christmas list for 2014 (thanks,
once again mom-in-law!) i love that each piece is handmade to order, and most
of all, that i feel like i have some sort of sense of style, while still being
comfy in these frigid midwest winters.
the ugg australia cozy knit slippers
(image from
next up
in the attire category: slippers. i was never a huge slipper person, but then
we moved to northern illinois (and i became a mom), so i kind of fell into it.
and, a couple of years ago, i found my faves: the ugg australia cozy knit slippers. thanks to mr.
re-nest taking a chance, these are a must-have for keeping my toes warm!
and, finally…just because
it’s flipping cold here, doesn’t mean that i can just wear sweats all the time.
i still have to head to my 9-to-5, which for me is kind of a blend of business
attire with a splash of casual thrown in. this winter, i’ve become a huge (and
when i say, huge, i mean major) fan of athleta’s metro skinny pant. they are super warm,
super comfy, and an all-around a+ from me. they look adorable with riding boots
under a long sweater for those really, really cold days!
athleta metro skinny pant
(image from
my faves
for a cozy home…
how i said this time of year makes me want to throw on my sweatpants and curl
up on the couch? yeah, well besides the sweatpants, a must-have for me is a
warm throw blanket that i can snuggle up with. the re-nest house has lots of
these cozy throws, but one that is on my new wish list is from parachute home. can you say “cashmere
throw?” um, yeah. warmth, style, softness…all wrapped into one seriously
warm striped
cashmere throw
! (be sure to click through for the lovely pics!) i seriously love
the look of this (especially with the stripe!) and the color options available.
this might just have to go on my christmas 2015 wish list!

what’s a great throw without a super soft pillow to lay your head on?
one of the faves in the re-nest house (voted #1 by little mr. re-nest #1
himself!) is the threshold oversized knit toss pillow. no joke, we’ve had this
for about a year, and with two boys (and two adults), it’s held up so nicely.
it’s the perfect size to curl up with on the couch and take a little snooze!

the threshold oversized knit toss pillow
(image from
okay, so
confession: i’ve become a little obsessed with optimizing the scent experience
in the re-nest house. no joke, one of my very favorite places to go is
any westin
 because they pump that white tea
and ginger scent
 throughout the entire place. hea-ven. while i know i can’t
make my house smell like a westin hotel, or really even like a spa, there are
little things that can be done to help make places in the house smell a little
better. essential oil diffusers have become increasingly popular (confession:
i’m kind of obsessed with the diffuser idea!), but candles are a fabulous
alternative too! i love the calming scent of lavender, so naturally, i’m
curious about the parachute
home lavender scented candle
! i might just have to try
this one out to help make our house a little more scent-friendly!

let’s hear it from you: what are you must-have essentials for coziness?
is it a simple warm drink? a well-worn in quilt (i have one of those too!)?


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