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boss lady.

i go back and forth with whether i like that term. like, when my niece wears a onesie with it on there, it’s the most adorbs thing ever. is it right for a thirty-nine year old mom of two boys, who is one busy mama? know what? i don’t care. because when i sat down…

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my advice for buying + selling on etsy

over the last five weeks, i’ve had my very first bad experience with an etsy seller. part of me feels a smidge guilty for even saying that since i’m a seller myself (and i feel a camaraderie with other makers), but flat out, this has been a b-a-d experience. it all started six weeks ago….. i’ve…

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wedding gifts…with a personalized touch

the wedding gift. of course, going straight to the registry is always a great option. but going unique + personalized is always a way to go too….like a truly amazing re-nest fan just did this past week. thanks to this amazing fan, last week was totally filled with making customized keepsake wall art for two…

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