now i know my abc’s

this week’s project was inspired by a certain little energetic boy, who’s talking and singing like crazy. and one of the favorite songs we hear over and over again is the “abc’s.” don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing i love more than hearing our little boy sing his abc’s…it just so happened that i was able to capture a little inspiration from this very popular song in our house.

i’m having this obsession with canvas, paint and paper crafting to make fun, kid-friendly home decor. like i’ve mentioned, i’m drawn to this simply because i’ve looked around for some unique decor geared towards kids and i just haven’t found something that feels a little personal. so, i decided to make something myself.

that’s where the series of abc wall art was born. brightly painted canvas with complementary letters. for this first set, i was feeling more girly with my colors, but these can of course be any range of colors for little boys too.

to start, i relied on my awesome find from michaels – the 10 pack of 8″ x 10″ canvas (on sale!)

next step was painting the four canvases. i went with bright orange, purple, pink and yellow…all to give a nice range of colors. two coats of the acrylic paint were used.

the first coat of paint

once the two coats were on and dry, i had to work with the order of the color. i knew i wanted all four of the canvas to lay vertically, but the order of the four was important. it’s all a matter of personal preference, but i went with:

another part of this process was figuring out the color of each canvas’ letter. it was a little like a puzzle to make sure the colors looked right.for my letters, i of course consulted my trusty cricut and the plantin schoolbook cartridge. for the letters, i wanted a simple, basic lowercase font…something that kind of reminded me of learning how to write when i was really little. i wanted that same kind of back-to-basics font for these pieces.

testing out a couple of sizes – 6″, 7″ and 8″ letters

once the four letters were cut out and positioned, i turned to my handy glue pen to adhere my paper letters to the painted canvas. and finally…some cute little wall hangings for a bedroom or a playroom that are not only adorable, but also help teach the all important abc’s!

the finished pieces!
until the next project,


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