a progress report: the master bath

so, yeah….it’s been several weeks since the intro post about the master bath project. and, there has been progress (quite a bit, actually), but now we’re into the holidays and i feel like i have a half-transitioned bathroom. don’t get me wrong…it’s looking lovely + so much better than it did, but i’m at that stage where i just need like, three un-interrupted days where the boys maybe go to mimi + papa keith’s house, and mr. re-nest and i can knock the rest of it out. but tis the season, so i don’t think that will happen. so we continue to steal moments during naps, days off (mr. re-nest’s days off) to get this bathroom finished.

so, while we wish for the finished bath, let’s take a little look at what has been done (glass half-full, right?!?)


the flowery tile style all around the tub
+ in the shower.

remember how i mentioned we had that really bad decorative tile around the garden tub? well, i went at it with my dremel multi-max, some protective eye-wear, and a crowbar. there was only one major hole put in the wall (i accept blame) + another section that had to be patched, but all of it came out! and, i am in love with my dremel now. mr. re-nest has been a total sport + has been helping get the new tile cut and placed, so that we have some new decorative tile to look at that isn’t so flowery.

the countertop + sinks

we had one of those “all one piece” jobs that the builder put in when building the house. (you know, the sinks are molded in to the countertop?) well, it was all well + good, except for the fact that i guess i tend to run my hot water really hot + for a long time, so my sink had lots of little tiny cracks in it. mr. re-nest + i discussed, and we figured if we want to paint and tear down the giant mirror, now’s the time to do the countertop. so, some great friends recommended a guy, and we ended up with a really gorgeous quartz countertop with white square undermount sinks for a steal. done + done.

that big giant mirror

the ikea stockholm mirror.

we had one of those. a mirror that is larger than life. that was glued to the wall. since the countertop was going in + we wanted to paint, and i wanted something different to see my reflection in, now was the time to unleash that beast from our bathroom wall. i give 100% of the credit for this to mr. re-nest (all i did was go to lowes and buy those suction cup handle-things so we could get it from the wall to the floor). he pried it off the wall, and once it was down, he broke it up, so that it could be carried away. oh, and he also did all of the drywall patch work from the tar-like adhesive that was used to hang the mirror to the wall. kudos to my mr. re-nest! and….the new mirrors are up! we chose two of the ikea stockholm mirrors to replace mr. big giant mirror, and we’re loving the new look! 


my fave paint! pittsburgh paints grand distinction!

this is my fave part! once the mirror was down + the countertop was in, we painted. we went with a grey (shocker!) that complements the tealish-blue that’s in our bedroom, and also works with the bedding in our master. we took a quick trip to menard’s for my fave pittsburgh paints grand distinction paint, and we went to work. one sunday afternoon + evening later, and we have a painted bathroom (goodbye, tinted primer!)

what’s next?

the new tub tile….it’s a wip.

well, there’s still some more tiling work to finish up, and i have some plans for decor in there that needs to be done. i’m also toying with doing something in the toilet alcove (i have no better term for it!)….maybe wainscoting, or white painted wood panels with some trim? just something to help give some contrast in the area and bring out the white some more.

the new light for over the tub….
without the white globe thing.

i also have a lighting plan. we have a six-bulb fixture over the sink which we’re keeping (simply because i’m trying to do this as frugally as possible), but i am trashing the ugly globes. and i think i’m going to try and put some edison bulbs in there instead, to give it a little more modern look. then, i have my eye on a new fixture for over the tub….this one from lowes. whatcha think? 

and, finally we have a great window in the bathroom, that i want to make a fabric-wrapped valence for!

stay tuned! there will be more to come as we finish up this long overdue project! 


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