modernizing the great room

the new color: white truffle from hgtv home by sherwin-williams.

friends, it’s time. after a lot of talking, a lot of spending, and a little planning, we’re finally diving in this weekend to make the modern changes we want to our great room! it’s kind of the ultimate in our home DIY (well, except for finishing the basement), and all i’m hoping is that we get through this without making headlines or becoming eligible for “renovation realities” on diy network!

let’s talk about the plan. our great room isn’t that big, but it is where we spend 90% of our time at home. the carpet is beige + builder grade + ten years old. the walls need re-painted. and, mr. re-nest + i have a vision for putting some modern, upgraded touches to the room. and, let’s face it, i need a reason to buy some new throw pillows. (shhh, don’t tell my husband!)

this weekend, i’m tackling the paint job. right now, the color on the walls is a really, really, super light, non-80s mauve-y color – it’s not peach, it’s

not purple, it’s not grey. (p.s. when i say “mauve” all i can think about is the color of my sister’s nursery in 1985.) i’m going a shade lighter with the paint so we can still have a great contrast between the white crown molding and the walls, but that will also keep the space light. (the reason why is coming up….)

the new stone facade.

i decided to break from tradition and go with hgtv home by sherwin-williams from lowes….all i know when it comes to paint is that i need:

  1. paint + primer in one
  2. and, i’m totally sold when it says “wipe + mark resistant” (i have two little boys. ‘member?)

i’ve been a huge fan of pittsburgh paints grand distinction for years, but it honestly came down to the fact that we were at lowes last weekend, and i did not want to make one more stop with two hangry littles. (who gets me?)

once this painting is done, we start a little demolition (eek!)….everything on this wall is coming down. the mantle, the tile, the tv. and, the wall will be totally covered with this dark grey rock facade that’s been calling our names for months. the fireplace will stay, but the rock will frame it out completely, and we’re ripping up the tile (double eek!) and replacing with this super cool marble that i’m in love with. (big props to mr. re-nest with this marble. i basically took off to lowes one saturday, tried to send him pics of the options i liked, and came home with one. and, he liked it too! it’s like we’re mfeo.)

my marble. that i love.

new dark grey, textured carpet (stainmaster, of course!) + a new handmade mantle will complete the look once all of the massive work is done. and, then of course, i’m going to be changing up decor in the room! (can you blame me?) i’m thinking new window treatments (maybe) and definitely, definitely, definitely throw pillows. (if anyone has suggestions on throw pillows that will not fray when a two-pound chihuahua chews on the corners, you’ll be my BFF for life! and, yep, i said two-pounds. two-pounds of pillow-loving ferociousness.)

keep an eye out here, because i’m gonna be sharing all of the down + dirty with this fun project here! and, i know there will be video (or even a facebook live!) stay tuned, my diy-loving friends!



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