a modern, bright + bold baby shower

a baby shower for my soon-to-be first niece. a total infatuation for all things kate spade (by me + my sister, aka “the baby mama.”) this weekend, we had quite the celebration to welcome the first girl into our little extended family! let’s just put this out there: i’m so excited for this little girl….

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re-nest life \\ my attempt at pinterest baking

y’all know what i mean when i say “pinterest baking,” right? that attempt at making something that’s supposed to be super easy, you look at it, and say, “i can totally do that!” i got stuck in that trap this weekend. little mr. re-nest #2’s birthday is tuesday, and i’m already feeling massive guilt that…

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my advice for buying + selling on etsy

over the last five weeks, i’ve had my very first bad experience with an etsy seller. part of me feels a smidge guilty for even saying that since i’m a seller myself (and i feel a camaraderie with other makers), but flat out, this has been a b-a-d experience. it all started six weeks ago….. i’ve…

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