a re-nest diy // kindness rocks!

the below diy was written for and published in the july/august 2017 issue of invironments magazine. enjoy! “The Painted Rocks Craze with Ashley Murcia” Recently, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a page that really caught my eye — DeKalb Co. Rocks. What caught my eye wasn’t the name, but rather…

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an update: the glass block house

so, we’ve been in the new house for two months, and we often get asked: are you settled in? are you loving it? yes and yes. “settled in” is a relative term for me (shocker!), but we have furniture in, things are unpacked, and the storage unit is empty. have we done a lot to…

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we threw a party (with eleven ten-year-olds!)

for months, my no. 1 has been begging to have a movie night with his classmates…seeing as the summer was completely, 100% dedicated to moving, it didn’t happen over the summer. but, given the new house has a dedicated space to watching movies (thank you attic theatre!), we decided that would be the perfect place…

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