our cozy, modern great room makeover

i can’t tell you how happy i am to say these words: the great room makeover is complete. i’m also happy to tell y’all that we survived. so, in our house, we diy it all. we like the challenge, but honestly, it’s about saving moola on these kinds of projects. between my ability to find…

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a sunday morning love letter

it’s sunday morning. i woke up early, in little mr. re-nest #1’s bed (evidently, i laid down with him last night to help him fall asleep, and i ended up sleeping the entire night in there….whoops.) ten minutes after trying to go back to sleep in my own bed, little mr. re-nest #2 came crawling…

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renest life / summertime learning

it’s summer. which for our family means a change in daily routine, where our boys are with our trusted day care provider every day while mr. + i work our full time gigs. they have a great time at day care, they love being there, but i do go a little ape-ish before summer, planning…

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