“roads…where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

if you know me personally, you know that little mr. re-nest #1 is currently obsessed with the “back to the future” trilogy. obsessed doesn’t even feel like a strong enough word to describe the sitch in our house right now. there are #bttf things everywhere. ever since the boys got their 3d printer at Christmas,…

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re-nest life \\ our first family road trip

alright friends, we took our very first family road trip two weeks ago for spring break. and, it was everything i could have imagined. leading up to it, mr. re-nest had concerns. justified concerns, seeing as little mr. re-nest no. 2 can’t go from our house to naperville without asking us “if we’re there yet”…

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a lucky bridal shower!

i can’t tell you how lucky i feel that i’ve had the chance to be creative + add some pretties to so many bridal parties already this year. it’s honestly been the best start i could have ever asked for to 2018…starting this year, i had decided i was going to make some changes to…

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