how a bookmark can change a day

wow. i’m going to be a super cliche but summer has f-l-o-w-n. granted, i’ve spent most of it in between the office, the competitive swimming pool, and trying to keep up with all of those things we parents have to do (i.e. feeding the children, bathing the children, making sure they’re reading and not summer…

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seriously, i still look at that hashtag + want to burst out laughing! a week ago, i did just that: i went on a weekend getaway with eight other moms that i didn’t know. i mean, i knew one woman….sort of. like, knew her from facebook + that was it. so, how does all of…

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in honor of one of my inspirations

since i first heard the news yesterday of the passing of kate spade, i have felt an emptiness. shock. and, sadness for such a bright, beautiful talent, who was clearly struggling. it’s not because of her handbags and all of the sweet memories i have around each of my kate bags. it’s mostly about how…

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