cheep! cheep! / how to make a super cute chickie painting

this weekend is among us…there’s gonna be candy + bunnies + lots of fun! maybe add to the fun this weekend (or for anyone who has the kiddos home this friday or on monday!) with this super adorable chickie painting from my crafts + kids collection!

gather up the supplies you need (including that disposable fork!) + get the kiddos together to add this super cute project to your spring decor. and, p.s. don’t forget to grab a marker so you can add your little one’s name + date on the back!

step 1: gather up your supplies, including a paper plate or something you can use as a paint palette. unwrap the canvas, grab your disposable fork, and start with the bright yellow paint. add a little dollop of the bright yellow paint on your paint palette.

step 2: identify the center point of your canvas, and gently dip your disposable fork in the brighty yellow paint, covering the back and the tines.

step 3: starting from the center point of the canvas, start gently dabbing the paint-covered fork on the canvas creating a circle patternfrom the center out on the canvas. (think about creating about a 6″ circle with the bright yellow paint on the fork!) if you need to add more paint to your fork, go for it! once you have finished the bright yellow paint, wash off your fork.

step 4: set the canvas aside while this first layer of bright yellow paint dries! while it’s drying, you can cut your beak for your chick! grab your orange paper and a pair of scissors (make sure they’re safety scissors for little ones!) start at the bottom straight edge of the paper + cut a small triangle out.

step 5: once your bright yellow paint has dried, you’ll change over to using the light yellow paint. dip your clean fork in the light yellow paint and begin dabbing over the bright yellow circle. when you get to the edges of the bright yellow circle, use your fork with the paint to “flutter” the edges and create a look of feathers! set aside the canvas + let the light yellow paint dry.

step 6: grab your black marker and make little legs + feet at the bottom of your chick!

step 7: next, get your school glue, your googly eyes, and your orange paper beak. apply a little dab of glue for all three and gently place the eyes and beak on the canvas.

you’re finished! let your glue dry + then show your kiddo’s amazing work for springtime!


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