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there’s no place like home

i have to tell you, moving away from your home to somewhere new is a really tough thing to do. i know that y’all know my love of indiana, how my heart is (and always will be) very much there, and how leaving indiana was one of the toughest things i’ve ever done. it’s been…

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let’s do this, 2019

honestly, the last couple of weeks, i’ve been on the struggle bus. (see actual giphy of me below.) i rallied through to december 22 (the day my final holiday order was delivered!), and then i kind of just crashed. i needed a break. i needed to breathe. and, now we’re solidly into week three of…

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let’s empower our kiddos

kids are amazing. they are curious and imaginative and always ready to learn. there is nothing i love more than seeing the result of my boys learning, exploring, and discovering more about the world around them. i also strongly believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child, their interests, and what they love. yes, some…

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