what’s cooking // make-your-own salad bar at home!

friends, we are in the t-h-i-c-k of spring over here. i mean, we’re talking color coded calendars (plural), practices galore, other random events, birthdays, work trips, homework (me), and trying to have semblance of fun among all of it. let’s just say that dinner is…not creative these days. easy? yes. creative? nope.

for some unknown reason, i got some little glimmer of inspo when i was doing my last meal plan. i think i know where it came from (mayyyybe???) and once i did it this week with the kids, it seemed to be an easy, weeknight hit.

what was it? a make-your-own-salad-bar-at-home dinner.

where did the inspo come from? i am pretty sure it was an unplannned, but much needed lunch stop on our cross country road trip back from arizona. (stay tuned to another blog post all about that!) we had hit nebraska and we all needed to get out of the car. a ruby tuesday’s was easy and accessible. and, let’s say no. 2 kinda loved the fact that he could make his own salad. so i went with that little bit of hope in thinking this could be an easy, cool dinner for us.

wednesdays are our night that we have a little bit of a schedule reprieve, so i went with that. what i also realized was that this little idea of mine was a great chance for me to have little man get involved in trying some new things. we stopped by the grocery to stock up on our salad bar stuff, and i gave him free reign in the produce section to grab whatever he thought might be good on a salad or some veggie he’d never tried before! (success, btw. he tried snow peas + pistachios!)

it was a super easy set-up: i grilled a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts and sliced those up. i basically got out everything the boys could try + add to their salads. romaine + spinach. carrots. celery. tomatoes. croutons. dressing. cheese. avocado. pistachios. broccoli. the prep was so easy + the clean up was even easier!

with summertime coming + all of the great produce, i think this might become a weekly dinner for us! (plus…and never tell the kids this…it gets them more veggies!)


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