let’s empower our kiddos

the color, the encouragement….makes me so proud!

kids are amazing. they are curious and imaginative and always ready to learn. there is nothing i love more than seeing the result of my boys learning, exploring, and discovering more about the world around them.

i also strongly believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child, their interests, and what they love. yes, some kids are into sports. some are into the arts. some are into the sciences. some are into math. some are into things that i don’t even know about yet!

no matter what your kids are into, our kids are something to be celebrated. their opportunities to learn + grow are so far beyond what we had the chance to do and be as kids that it can only mean that these kids are going to grow into some kick butt adults. now is the time to keep encouraging our kids, empowering them to continue to dig into their interests, to grow beyond what their (and our!) wildest imaginations could imagine.

^ this right here is why i started my you-be-you collection a year ago. as my own kids get older, i want them to be able to tell their stories of what they love in their rooms, workspaces, play spaces, and more. and, i want them to feel like they are surrounded with positive messages that celebrate who they are.

our kids face a lot more opportunity now, but also have a very different life than what i did as a kid. the stresses are different, the expectations are different, so in my opinion, it’s that much more important to help them see and understand how special they are. and, to celebrate their interests!

i was so excited to share some of the latest designs at last week’s maker faire milwaukee …and loved seeing how many parents got so excited about these one-of-a-kind designs!

this is no. 1’s new fave….he loves astronomy + all things outer space!


can there be any better message for a kid?


just like with all of my artwork, everything can be customized + personalized just for your kiddo. if you have an idea for a positive, empowerment message for your kiddo, let me know!




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