re-nest studio’s studio!

just like i said going into this last weekend: we were gonna spend time in the basement this weekend. i literally had five different “things” that needed to be hung on the wall, which had been leaned up against walls for, oh, the last three months or so. so, when this last weekend meant there were zero appointments, zero places we had to be, and nothing but time at home, i laid down the law. we were going to put some holes in the basement walls. (which is how my loving husband refers to it.)

first up: the fabric covered magnetic board for my craft/studio area. (check out the post on how-to make the magnet board here.) no joke, i had marked on the wall where i wanted this hung about ten weeks ago, but it just hadn’t happened. (you might be asking yourself, “why doesn’t she just hang this stuff herself?” yeah, well it turns out that i can hang lightweight things…things that don’t require wall anchors and drills and screws. i leave those things to mr. re-nest.)

next? the boys’ creative space (which is right next to my studio space). we had their art/activity table (which is the espresso activity table with paper roller from land of nod) in place, but i had a whole slew of things to hang above their table. you see, i’m a firm believer in having somewhere in the home to feature my little ones’ projects and artwork. this was going to be that space. what all did we have to hang?

1. the boys’ magnetic board. just like mine but with an orange-and-white chevron fabric wrap.

2. the framed cork board. shown with the how-to here.

3. the ikea dignitet curtain wire system, which we’re using to hang artwork.

4. the super fun crayon artwork

once on the wall, we added the most important part: the artwork. and once this was added, it felt like the space was together. my craft space + the boys’ creative space = a longtime home dream attained and a happy, happy me.

here’s to creating your creative spaces,


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