happy tears!

oh my word. just wow. wow, wow, wow.

my booth! i love how bright it is 🙂

this is a post of total + complete gratitude and love and hugs. if you happened to see over on my
instagram account, or on facebook, that i was part of the sycamore pumpkin fest autumn craft + treasures market this weekend, that’s what still has me completely floored.

this weekend was simply incredible.

i’ve done craft events before. i’ve even done this same event before. and it was never like this. there was a moment on saturday, at the end of the day, when i had my sally field moment from when she won an oscar for “places in the heart.” (okay, maybe that’s kind of overexaggerating….but that’s my best way to describe it!) except it wasn’t on a stage, or wearing black tie, it was in my car, on my way home to my boys, after day #1. i just had a moment, where in one rush of emotion, all of the work, and design time, and lack of sleep, and deep want, to make re-nest studio something special, came to the surface. and i started crying. happy tears.

a smirky selfie! early mornings + late evenings,
but 100% worth it!

i love doing this. i love creating. i love having a new mama or grandma or aunt come to me and ask for one of my designs to be placed in a new baby’s nursery. i adore having the chance to make pieces that mean something for someone’s home. i know i say this all of the time, but i really mean it, and i love you all for being on this incredibly cool journey with me.

with that, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. thank you for every like on facebook, for asking me how it’s going when you see me, for wanting to be along on this ride, for thinking of me when it comes time for that special gift or something cool for your home.

so, now i’m happy to say that i’ve got some really cool pieces to work on over the next couple of weeks! and, i can’t wait to share!

p.s. if you want to see more pics of the weekend, be sure to check out my new album on my facebook page! xoxo! 


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