a change in taste

i had this thought as i was making our bed this morning, and really looking around our master bedroom at the furniture, the bedding, the decor. my taste in home decor has changed a lot in ten years. sure, i don’t think that sounds like a huge revelation, but i think back to our first house and the decor there and where we are now and wow. i feel like i’ve had a huge lesson in what my tastes really are.

so my question for you is this: have you seen your taste in home decor change over time? and how? 
my contribution to this question is this: ten years ago, i was the pottery barn queen. literally. i worked there part-time (for the discount, of course!) and i scoured the clearance when we marked stuff down to bring more of it into our house. our house had that “pottery barn” feel when it came to color. walls were a light mocha. or deep wine. or chocolate brown. bedding was from pottery barn. (confession: couches were not from there. i couldn’t afford it but i found something way more economical in that classic pottery barn-esque feel…a sage green velvet overstuffed couch and chair.) did i like it? of course i did. i was making modest money (like very modest money) and mr. re-nest was in school full-time, working on becoming dr. re-nest. but our home was our home and i needed it to feel like home for us. and home to me at the time felt like a pottery barn store, circa 2002. (note: don’t get me wrong – pottery barn is a very nice store. they have lovely things. but i’ve just seen my taste evolve to a place where my entire house doesn’t have to feel or look like one of the stores. oh, and i should say that this entire time, pottery barn was not mr. re-nest’s taste at all. but he just let me go with it. another reason he’s the bestest. i should also say this: that dining room table, chairs and entertaining console below? it’s still in our house. i do love that set so, so much.)

the eat-in kitchen. the pottery barn discount came in handy to get that dining table/chairs/entertaining console.
the great room. and the big green couch.
the kitchen. i had dreamed of having dark red walls…not a fun paint job.

and suddenly, when we bought the re-nest house in 2007, i went towards the cool greys and blues for the house (obviously) and pottery barn was replaced with west elm, crate and barrel and ikea. and i still just love it. maybe i needed to be surrounded by calming, soothing colors. maybe i had started to expand my design taste. whatever it was, i’m glad it happened. i still look back on these pictures above and am so proud of what we did with our little space to make it feel like a home. 

i would love to hear from you: have you seen your design tastes change? how? 


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