pretty much the worst paint job ever

okay, so i’ve always said that i feel it’s really important to share the good and the bad. like when a project i’ve worked on hasn’t turned out like i thought. or when the steps of the project take a fork in the road and i had to learn a little something new in order to get that project finished. or when i set out to do something that i could do in my sleep (like painting a room) and said painting project kind of turns into a hot mess.

which leads me to this post. i wanted to re-paint our dining room. it’s been a lovely robin’s egg blue for about five years and i wanted to do something a bit warmer (in a cool tone) to give some variation in tone between the dining room and the foyer (because it’s kind of one, big giant space). i found the color, bought a gallon of my favorite pittsburgh paints grand distinction eggshell from menards, a new roller, a new roll of painters tape, a new trim brush and set aside the time to get it finished.

the robin’s egg dining room. with everything a hot mess before painting.

the whole issue started with the painters tape. there’s a new scotch brand blue painters tape that i used. i’ve had great experience with scotch painters tape in the past so i didn’t think i had anything to worry about. it’s always worked great for me. until this dining room project. long story short, the stuff didn’t stick. to any inch of our trim. i had to go back over every inch of tape and re-apply it, and got it to a point where i thought i could go for it.

fast forward past one sunday morning and two coats later, and tape removal, and BAM. there is paint all over the trim. on the chair rail trim, on the crown molding. so i have a ton of touch ups to do. like, i need to sand down the blue paint on the white trim and then re-paint the trim. awesomesauce.

i will say this: i love the color. it does so much for the room and for the whole downstairs. and having to re-paint trim isn’t that big of a deal. it’s just more of the feeling of “this-project-isn’t-really-finished-yet” thing. i like to paint a room, take the tape off, put everything back and go on my way. that’s just the type-a, first-born, impatient part of me. (shocker, i know)

a way warmer (but cooler) color to give some contrast…love!

so, if you need to find me during one of the upcoming weekends, i’ll be sanding and painting and touching up the dining room. and making sure it’s as perfect as i can make it. until the next time i get the itch to paint it again. 🙂


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