the story of you

the finished piece!

show of hands: how many of y’all give your loved one/significant other a really great, really meaningful gift for your anniversary?

maybe i should start with this: how many of you actually celebrate your anniversaries with gifts?

(note: because our wedding anniversary falls in january, after christmas and both of our birthdays, we basically do a card + dinner. i usually get flowers. and, i’ll make something for my love.)

so for that year when you need to celebrate with something, and the usual flowers, jewelry, or dinner isn’t enough, i’m finding that so many people want something personalized and meaningful. and, i have so many husbands and wives that are loving my story of us personalized canvas for that special gift. (have i mentioned how honored i am that one of my creations is picked to be such an important gift?! wowza!)

this month, i had the honor of making one of these story of us canvases for a special husband in new york for his 25th wedding anniversary. i absolutely loved working with his wife, hearing about all of the special moments and details of their life together, and knowing that my work was going for such a special person!

when it comes to this piece, i thought some of you might like to know how i go about making this super special canvas!

•  first, i work with my client to get a list of special dates, places, names, words, songs…basically anything you can think of that is special with you and your family!

• next, i take this list and make the design in my design program…so we can make sure we’re fitting everything in, we have words big enough, and to see if we have any extra space to fit anything else in! (note: this process can usually take me anywhere from 1-2 hours to make sure it’s perfect. after i have the layout, i always share it with my client to make sure we have everything spelled correctly!)

a real life look at how i do this…all of the letters placed on the canvas, before i glue!

• once the client has approved the design, i start cutting + painting! (hint: when i’m cutting letters, i always lay them out on the canvas, so i can make sure i know the spacing, where the words need to be, and to make sure i don’t need to re-cut anything.)

• after everything is cut, it’s time to glue….this part takes the longest. it usually takes me between 8-10 hours to get everything glued (have i mentioned that i hand-place and adhere every single letter on my creations?)

• last step is that i finish the piece off with a uv clear coat to keep sunshine and light from fading it!

yes, it takes a lot of time, but it means so much to me to know how much these canvases mean to you. sharing in these moments means so very much to me. (oh, and one day, i should mention that i do plan on making one of my own of these for my husband!)


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