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thank you, sycamore!

in my usual fashion, i’m fashionably late with this very necessary post. almost two weeks ago, i had the privilege of having another fabulously wonderful pumpkin fest weekend! this. this year was my fifth anniversary of sharing re-nest studio with the autumn craft + treasures market, and it did not disappoint. for those of you…

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happy tears!

oh my word. just wow. wow, wow, wow. my booth! i love how bright it is 🙂 this is a post of total + complete gratitude and love and hugs. if you happened to see over on my instagram account, or on facebook, that i was part of the sycamore pumpkin fest autumn craft +…

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today, i’m three!

i can hardly believe it. sometime this week (it was either july first or july third, forgive me…), this little passion project of mine turns three years old. three years ago, i pushed aside every insecurity i had, every worry of “what if people make fun of me?” + i did it. i set up…

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