a little crayola fun

remember being a little one and getting a brand new box of crayons? yeah, me too. wow was that awesome. a perfect box of new crayons was a thing of beauty…almost so that you didn’t want to use even one to throw off the perfect balance. 

i happened to come across an idea on pinterest for some cool framed art for the boys’ art area in our basement and thought i’d treat myself to a little craft time + a brand new box of crayolas (the 96 pack, of course!)
*side note: okay, it’s been decades since i bought a box of crayons. but did you know the following?
– the 96 pack now includes glitter crayons. and neon ones too.
– yes, burnt sienna is still a color.
– macaroni and cheese is a color now too
i digress. so, saturday night rolled around (yes, saturday night…i have a toddler + a four-month old…kids got to bed and i went on my merry crafting way) and i started my crayon artwork.
supplies needed: one 12″ x 12″ shadow box (purchased from hobby lobby), and one 96-pack of crayolas, one glue gun. 

shadow box + crayons (with a special hello from the owl!)
i started by taking apart the shadow box and getting the insert out. i knew i needed to lay out all of the crayons in the pattern i wanted to: 1) make sure i had enough crayons, 2) allow for enough edge on all four sides so the shadow box didn’t hit the crayons, and 3) feed my subtle obsessive need for planning before jumping into a project.

it only took about a half-hour to glue all of the crayons down. oh, and i should mention that my 96-pack didn’t get me all the way through…i had to make a quick trip to the store to get a 16-pack of crayolas to finish the piece.

the finished piece!
what do you think? kinda fun. bright. good for a kiddos creative space!


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