a teepee, some books + a gentlemanly reminder

we have a million + one children’s books. like, they are oozing out from everywhere in our house. and, just when i thought i had them under control, i paid a little extra attention one day when i walked into little mr. re-nest #2’s closet, and there it was. a giant, rubbermaid tub filled to the brim with more books.

and, i started to panic. (just a little, not a lot.)

what in the world was i going to do with them? and, i had massive guilt that there were all of these fab children’s books that our little guy had been missing out on.

so, i made a plan. and, it included ikea. and, some decor i had been picking up along the way from land of nod + hobby lobby. 

we already had the super cute orange-and-white striped teepee from land of nod + the navy-and-white rug from there too. but i wanted to create a space for the boys to read, relax + have fun, and selfishly, have somewhere to store the mountains of books!

last weekend, i packed up the boys (solo!) and we headed to ikea. i had my list: nine mosslanda white wall ledges, and one of the white two-by-two kallax shelves. i figured with that much, we could get control over the book situation.

and, then i got out my tools + put some holes in the walls. (that’s what mr. re-nest calls it when i start hanging things….especially in walls he’s built!)

and, i’m so, so, so happy with how it looks, and how the boys love it, and how it creates this little corner for reading + learning for our boys! (p.s. there’s more book storage happening up in little mr. re-nest #2’s room too….with pics to come!)

here’s the space! i brought in pieces we
already had with some new decor that
finally have their new home!

my very fave piece: ladies love a gentleman. when i saw this,
we had to have it!

isn’t that elephant so adorable?

i am so in love with how the books add
so much awesome color to the space!

this was a total unexpected addition: we had
this cool mobile hanging around, not being used
and little mr. re-nest #1 + i brainstormed….
and decided to hang it, and add colorful cut shapes!

the teepee all ready for our boys!


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