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renest life / summertime learning

it’s summer. which for our family means a change in daily routine, where our boys are with our trusted day care provider every day while mr. + i work our full time gigs. they have a great time at day care, they love being there, but i do go a little ape-ish before summer, planning…

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dorm life: top places to outfit that small (but awesome!) space

so, i happened to be at my local target the other night (and this past weekend, and last week too), and i noticed a group of three adorable college students, who were scoping out the aisles for what could only be dorm room decor. no joke, they were carrying adorable cork boards, organizational funness (not…

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a little worldliness for the re-nest house

i’ll start off this post with a question: has anyone out there added a world map to your home decor for your kiddos?  here’s the reason i ask: about two years ago, little mr. re-nest #1 and #2’s papa (my dad) started sending the boys postcards from his worldly travels. (he’s a consultant and spends…

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