more crafty space craftiness: the magnet board!

i promised in my previous post, so i am here to deliver! the very simple ins and outs of the magnet boards little mr. re-nest #1 and i made for our crafty areas in the basement. 

like many crafty things, it all started with pinterest. i came across this super cute magnet board a while back, that suggested using a cookie sheet, a piece of fabric and a ribbon to hang. seemed easy enough, right? i just had to wait until we had actual walls in our basement to make the magnet boards. walls were up, paint was dry and it was time for us to make some magnet boards!

little mr. re-nest #1 and i ventured out to get cookie sheets. correction: cookie sheets that were also magnetic. turns out these aren’t so easy to find. (i’ll clarify…we found cookie sheets, but they were about nine-by-twelve…not large enough for what i’m looking for. plus they didn’t have any magnetism. fail.) so we had to go to plan b…which meant another trip to ikea. (yippee!)

one trip to ikea with two kiddos + two spontan magnet boards + one trip to hobby lobby and we were in business. little mr. re-nest #1 selected some orange and white chevron fabric (he’s a boy after my own decorating heart), and i picked some dark grey and white dotted fabric for mine. (note: the fabrics we got were a simple lightweight cotton… i didn’t want to use something too heavy so as to make sure the magnets worked just fine.) these were pretty simple and took only about fifteen minutes to put together (thanks to the wonder of hot glue)!

step one: iron the fabric. because no matter what, when you buy the fabric, it will need ironed. once all of the wrinkles are out, lay it out (face down) on the floor to size out how much space you need to wrap around the magnet board. 

step two: trim the fabric on two of the sides…i left about two inches of give on all sides to wrap around the edges so they had a nice finish. (in case you are curious about what is in the upper right hand corner of this pic, that would be a lightning mcqueen racetrack. yep, my project got photobombed.)

step three: get ready to adhere your fabric! i used simple hot glue, simply putting about a two inch amount of it on the edge every one to two inches, and then stretching the fabric around the edge. to give it a full finish, i did also do a second wrap around to the inside edges, so that the top and side edges would have a nice, non-frayed finish. and i finished it off with some large white magnets + my magnetic spice containers, which are actually holding crafting goodness (lots and lots and lots of brads for cardmaking!)

so, so, so super simple and easy to make and is great for a kiddo’s space, a family organization center, an office, a craft area…pretty much wherever! 

tell us: do you have a space where a fantastic magnet board would help organize your life?


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