a “whoa” kind of weekend

have you ever had a weekend where your to-do list seems impossible? where you look at it and say “there is zero way that i’m going to get through even half of this?” yeah, that was us around the re-nest house this weekend. wait, let me rephrase. that was my situation this weekend. i had a list that was a mile long. and i thought there was zero way i was going to get a through any of it. 

now, i’m sitting here on a sunday night, with my glass of wine (amen), and reflecting back on mastering much of that seemingly impossible list.

how did the weekend go?

4:30am saturday – wake up call from little mr. re-nest #2. 

8am saturday – pilates. my hour a week that’s for me. early morning workouts make me happy.

9am – 12:30pm saturday – picked up dry cleaning. stopped at grocery to pick up organic veggies for sunday date with a friend to make baby food. home. folded little mr. re-nest #1’s laundry and put it away. snuggle time with little mr. re-nest #2 who fell asleep on me. shower. get ready to head to the salon.

12:45pm – 3:45pm saturday – okay, so more me time. it was time for mama to get her hair done. i was this close to cutting all of my hair off. until mr. re-nest told me how cute he thought my long hair was, then i felt bad and decided to wait.

4:00pm saturday – “family time”. which means “get-in-the-car-head-45-minutes-away-for-mr.-re-nest-to-look-at-a-set-of-new-wheels-and-tires.” but it was good family time. (p.s. he got the wheels and tires.)

6:00pm – end of the night saturday – dinner. family time. i fell asleep in little mr. re-nest #1’s room. 

5am sunday – wake up call from little mr. re-nest #2. 

7am sunday – wake up call from little mr. re-nest #1. 

8am sunday – everyone is up. get bags and veggies and tools ready for the baby food making date with a friend.

9am – 11am sunday – work. i should actually say “work.” i had the opportunity to work on three new projects this morning….a great anniversary gift, a special christmas gift and a piece for my upcoming holiday bazaar. (more to come on these!)

12pm – 5:30pm sunday – our date to make baby food. this was my first foray into this and i was totally psyched about it. i pulled together my organic veggies, my baby bullet, all of the storage containers, and got together with a friend from work to make gobs and gobs of baby food. three hours later (and some more time at home) and i had eight ice cube trays filled with green beans, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, pears and apples. it feels so, so great to make little mr. re-nest #2’s baby food. love it!

6pm – now sunday – dinner. bath time for the boys. got little mr. re-nest #2 to try is first serving of green beans. (he wasn’t a total fan.) wine. blog time. 

i know so many of us run ourselves ragged each and every day. and what i did this weekend wasn’t heroic or unique or special. for me, it was more than what i usually do. and i’m pretty dang proud of getting this much finished. and now, i’m tired. and need some rest before another frantic weeks begins.

here’s to all of us who do and do and do and do without stopping each day,


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