ladies who lunch!

i don’t think i was that quiet about my excitement last weekend about little mr. re-nest #1’s school fundraiser, the 2015 ladies lilac luncheon! (want to learn more? please check out the facebook page here!) given this is our first year at the school, i had heard rumblings about this fabulous event last fall, and couldn’t wait to become a part of this very special day! 

me being one who doesn’t do anything small, when all was said and done, i sat on the committee helping with marketing and pr efforts, i volunteered to decorate two of the lunch tables (more on that next), and i was so honored to be chosen as one of the nine vendors chosen to exhibit for the day! 

i had heard for a long time leading up to the luncheon, just how major the table decorating contest was. i mean, i’ve seen pics of prior year’s tables, and i like to think i’m pretty creative, so i thought “how hard can this be?” let’s just say that i marveled at the creativity that i saw from parents and business owners and organizations at this year’s event! live butterflies. a handmade replica of a bonfire as a table centerpiece. a handmade peacock. just amazing!

so, what did i do? like i said, i did two tables. one was for re-nest studio, and the other is for my KEEP collective business (wondering what else i’ve gotten myself into? check out my facebook page here!) 

my re-nest table theme was a total extension of one of my latest obsessions: pineapples. more importantly, the symbolism of the pineapple in the home. (isn’t that cool? do you know about the symbolism of the pineapple? please, please check it out here! it’s really awesome!) for the table, i did a combo of “shopping” decor in the re-nest house + scouring hobby lobby, michaels and tj maxx for pineapple goods! 

and, i also have to share my KEEP table because it had a totally different look! KEEP is a totally new company (a sister company of stella & dot!), and i love doing a modern, bright palette with acrylic touches look to represent KEEP! plus, it totally gave me an excuse to get one of the heidi swapp marquee letters at michaels and whip it up for my table centerpiece! 

isn’t this just such a fun idea for a fundraiser? we had such a fantastic time….i met so many new friends, got to see so many wonderful ladies + had a great time with my own family (a special thanks to my sister, my mom + my bonus mama for coming + for their help throughout the day!)


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