obsession #446: magazines…and what to do with them

image from stylist.com

i’ve admitted i am likely one of the only gen-x/gen-y-ers on earth that gets catalogs. and i actually read them and they don’t just function as a coaster for my household’s diet coke obsession. another obsession: magazines.

it all started about ten years ago with real simple magazine. i’ve always loved this pub…for what it stands for, what it helps its readers do, and for the simple and clean way their photography is presented. it’s always been a good day when this magazine shows up in the mail. but with my total love for real simple means that i cannot throw any of them out. not a one. i’ve been a subscriber for probably five years and i have every issue. (yes, this is kinda a fire hazard…but i love them and i can’t let go.)

image from realsimple.com

then, a couple of christmases ago, i needed to give some family some ideas for some gifts. so i came up with a list of mags that i wanted subscriptions to….which started a whole other obsession. elle decor, house beautiful, dwell….all in their loveliness, they show up in my mailbox every month. and after i go through them, i can’t throw them away. 

so what’s a girl to do? make them into home decor, of course.

stacked and placed in different places, and even paired with other home decor elements, magazines actually make a lovely little addition to different places in the re-nest house. it may sound funny, but they also add a little pop of color here and there (and can even give some height and depth where needed). and it means i don’t have to throw any of them out!

my stack of real simple issues. resting comfortably on our awesome ikea find, paired with artwork and a ceramic owl
giving our little owl a boost (and some height to our low profile table)
elle decor and dwell adding some color to our stark corner

tell us: do you use anything unique as home decor? i’d love to hear what craftiness and creativity you bring to your nest!

here’s to enjoying your creative everyday,


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