it’s friday…i’m in love

yep, this situation needs some control!

it’s the weekend before school starts. and for some reason mr. re-nest and i have gotten into our heads that we have all of these house projects that we’ve just sort of abandoned this summer. and, there’s
been some that have just recently popped up (can you say lego table?).

so, what does this mean? there’s a trip to ikea this weekend! (can i get a whoop, whoop!)

i was making a list (and checking it twice). i had a vision for our projects and i wanted to be organized. here’s what’s on the list (to make + the needed supplies):

photo courtesy of the micke desk in white

1. a whole new desk/storage/workstation in our kitchen. right now, this is total makeshift. the builders of our house had a perfect spot in the kitchen to do a simple built-in desk area with counter, but i guess that didn’t make the cut. so, when we moved in, mr. re-nest and i had a console table from target that doubled perfectly as a small desk for that area. you know, somewhere that we could put a lamp and our laptops. so, for seven years that poor console table has been the desk. i’ve considered sinking the $ into doing a custom cabinet and counter to match the kitchen, but when it comes down to it, i just thought it would be too matchy matchy. besides, i like the idea of using more white in the space to brighten and be more in line with the moulding accents that we have (and it’ll look super awesome against the grey paint on the walls!) so my plan is this: the ikea micke white desk (which happens to have some small drawers and a cabinet! add to that the new kallax shelving unit (it used to be the effectiv) in white with one row + four blocks, please. i was going to end there with some cute school supplies and a little lamp. and, then i found this: panyl. i am totally, beyond belief, in love. this is amazing. i haven’t even placed an order yet, but i am so over the moon about this, i can’t even stand it. (once we get everything this weekend, i’ll be placing an order. you can be sure of that. more to come on what i think!)

2. a lego workstation. yep, you heard me right. between “the lego movie” release in february, and that very first lego set that little mr. re-nest #1 received around his birthday, our house has become lego central. the pool table has been taken over. the kitchen table has been taken over. we have lego manuals all over the place. fortunately, i haven’t experienced the pain closest to childbirth yet – stepping on a lego. (watch, i say that and tonight, it’ll happen!) we need to get this situation under control. stat. (those were mr. re-nest’s words, before they even came out of my mouth.) so, what did my adorable husband do? he started searching online for ideas. and the next thing he did, just about made my heart stop: i got a text with a link to a mommy blog that had done a fabulous lego workstation with the words “i think this is it.” i barely even had to look at it before saying “yes.” so thanks to the google results we found over on that mommy blog, we’re going to tackle the fabulous-beyond-fabulous lego table she constructed for her son. watch for pics as we begin the whole process!

it’s going to be a busy one this weekend, but one that has some projects i am totally excited about (can you tell?!?!) there’s nothing i love more than doing something that will be completely fun + functional for the re-nest house!

tell me: what do you have on your plan for the weekend?


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