my little guy is growing up….

this weekend was a huge one in the re-nest house. not only were we knee-deep in trying to find new homes for all of the stuff we had in new little mr. re-nest’s room and trying to paint the closet in his room (don’t even ask…i blame the infamous pregnancy nesting for the desperate need to paint a closet), but we also had a big, big weekend for little mr. re-nest. it was the weekend. the weekend he moved to his big boy bed. 

we’ve been talking about it for weeks. with him and between mr. re-nest and i. moving our growing boy into a full-size bed. the little guy had received all of his new bedding for christmas from the grandparents…the only thing missing was the giant mattress. mission accomplished with a quick trip to our local back-to-bed store.

i have to pause here and give a huge shout out and thank you to my mom and bonus dad…they made the trip up to visit this weekend, and they were all about getting to work. my bonus dad took over with little mr. re-nest’s room…breaking down the toddler bed and turning it into the full-size bed. (i’ll note here that we did go with a 4-in-1 convertible crib for little mr. re-nest when he was born. great decision for us.) 

now for the fun stuff…getting the bed all put together, with the bedding. i have to give huge props to pottery barn kids for having some really great bedding for boys, for the transition from toddler beds to big boy beds. when looking for bedding, i wanted something that didn’t say “i’m three-going-on-four” and have it be something that could grow with him. and i found what i thought was the perfect combo for our little mr. re-nest….here’s what we went with from pottery barn kids:

1. curious george sheets (okay, the one thing that says “i’m a toddler)…little mr. re-nest had these on his toddler bed, and well, i thought it might make the transition to big boy bed even more exciting if he had the same sheets he loves. 

2. navy gingham sheeting …because i don’t know about you, but i always have two sets of sheets for beds, especially for little ones. 

3. madras quilt … i’m pretty sure i’m repeating myself, but i. love. madras. and i love it for little boys. what more can i say?

4. rugby stripe duvet and shams. little mr. re-nest loves the duvet on our bed, so we figured, why not? what i love about this is the super clean look to the duvet, and how there’s just a little bit of preppiness to it too.

all in all, i really love how none of the bedding (except for the curious george sheets) says “i’m a toddler.” it looks clean, there’s a touch of modern to it, and there’s varying patterns which i love combining. the best part? little mr. re-nest loves it. we had a super successful first night in his new big boy bed, and he is a huge fan that now all of his special stuffed friends can join him at night. happy toddler = a toddler that sleeps = happy mama and daddy!

here’s to letting our little ones grow up,


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