what’s going on with the nursery, you ask?

well, i just happen to have some design action underway here at casa re-nest, and it happens to do with little mr. re-nest #2. confession: i spend a good portion of my weekends scouring online, making lists and imagining what the room is actually going to look like. 

not sure if i shared or not, but i basically had the color palette picked out before we knew the gender…i had one palette for a boy, one for a girl. yes, i’m an organized freak of nature.

because we’re all about design (especially kiddos design), i have to take you all along on my design ride for this bebe’s little nest. much of it is still conceptual…things are ordered, things still need to be made or bought, but i have big, big plans. 

so you want to know what’s in the plan? well, here goes…

nursery furniture…when we had little mr. re-nest, we purchased furniture that would grow with him (read: a four-in-one crib), so furniture for little mr. re-nest #2 was necessary. and, we knew we wanted to go more modern with the style. mr. re-nest and i searched and searched and ended up at cribs to college in naperville, all with the intention of going to look at a bedroom suit we saw online. until i looked across the floor and there.it.was. the bedroom suit. we went with a set by young america, as seen here. in just another six to ten weeks we’ll have our little one’s new bedroom furniture!

bedding/sheeting…here’s the big reveal of the color palette. we’re going with navy/white/alligator green. (note:  alligators will not be featured in the room. i just keep referring to the green as alligator green because i have no other better way to describe it.) my fave part: i found a fantastic store on etsy that makes great nursery bedding, all with varying, modern patterns. oh, and did i mention she can customize it? i’m in love with modified tot…holly has been amazing to work with, providing sketches and bouncing ideas off of. the order is being placed this weekend…and i can’t wait to share pictures. while the bedding is in production, here’s one of the decor items that inspired my little color palette:

stripe pendant from landofnod.com

paint color…so the room that will be little mr. re-nest #2’s room currently functions as a spare bedroom. (i should also mention it also functions as a room that we throw stuff into when people are coming over. the door is pretty much always shut. we’ve already started the monumental process of shifting the thought that we can just throw stuff in there. not really gonna work when there’s a baby in there.) the room currently has one wall that is a saffron color, with three softer white walls. the saffron wall is going to be re-painted in alligator green (as soon as i have the bedding and can match the green.) at least there’s a plan. this is kinda the color i’m thinking of: 

pantone 363c book from polyvore.com

rocker….here’s where mr. re-nest and i differed in opinion (slightly). i knew we needed a rocker. i was going to go with something soft, comfy and in navy with white piping. until we came home from the store (where i saw this comfy, navy/white chair) and mr. re-nest found his own idea for a nursery chair. on craigslist. i’ve mentioned in previous posts that mr. re-nest is a fan of the mid-century modern furnishings. i am too, and actually that’s what drew me to the furniture we got for the room. he found a reproduction of an eames leather lounge chair with ottoman that a very friendly guy in downtown chicago was selling. we pondered over it for a week or so (while mr. re-nest was doing his best to validate why this was the chair we needed for the room). i caved. we went an got it. it is a beautiful chair. one that will be gorgeous in the baby’s room. and one that i have been told that if my pregnancy tells me that we need a different chair, mr. re-nest will buy me another one, and keep this diamond in the rough for somewhere else in the house. gotta love a guy who has a plan…

the chair. in our foyer because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else.
little mr. re-nest in the chair. stinker.

which leads me to the crafty project i already started, which was a knitted ottoman….i dove into knitting a navy ottoman to be able to kick my feet up in the baby’s room. i’m still working on it even though the chair we got has an ottoman with it. i found a great pattern over at home ec flunkee that is super easy and quick!

something like what i’m trying to make. from onekingslane.com

that’s kinda where we are now with the design…i have lots and lots of idea about decor and art to go in the room…but those will come along later. i’m off now to work on actually cleaning up the room that will be the baby’s room (since we have a whole bedroom suit to get cleaned out, craigslisted and out of the house).

here’s to designing little ones’ spaces…one of my favorite things to do!


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