how wonderful life is…

…while you’re in the world. isn’t that just the cutest set of lyrics for a little one’s nursery? it’s literally made me smile since his mama contacted me about doing a custom piece with those very lyrics.

this special re-nest fan came across the etsy shop, and liked the look of the “you are my sunshine” canvas wall art. but she wanted it made just for her little one…in bright orange and aqua and with these sweet lyrics included. could i do it? absolutely!

the planning and sketching started, because these lyrics were obviously going to take up more room on the canvas than little ‘ol “you are my sunshine” does. and, this sweet mama did ask me if there was any way i could give her a preview of how it might look before i made it. of course. i did a simple pencil sketch with color to help give her an idea of how the words would flow and what typefaces would be used. she approved and i got my hands dirty with paint! (my fave thing to do!)

the one thing i did do when developing this piece is i did a test run. i had another 16″ x 20″ canvas next to the painted canvas, and i cut all of the lyrics out in scrap paper so i could make sure everything would fit correctly. and, it helped me a ton when adhering the final letters to the actual piece, because i could use the alignment i set up on the test canvas!

and, finally! the finished piece 🙂 i can’t wait for this to show up in its california home later this week!

what do you think? xoxo! enjoy! 

p.s. just because you happen into my shop and you don’t see an exact saying or set of lyrics that might be near and dear to your heart, doesn’t mean it can’t be done! this is exactly why i started re-nest studio….it was one project for little mr. re-nest #1 to showcase his favorite, obscure song from when he was a baby. message me. send me pics of your room and your space. we will make it happen!


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