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decor for my #favoritelittlegirl

y’all know by now that i have a niece. and, she has the best name ever. and, she has the best nursery ever. a couple of weeks before her amazing arrival, i headed up to my sis and brother-in-law’s house and helped organize. it shouldn’t be a surprise that on that trip, we figured out…

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new baby on the way? let’s talk nursery design!

forgive me if you start seeing a lot more baby posts from me…nope, it’s not for me, but for my adorable, loving, amazing sissy + my fabulous bro-in-law! if you can’t tell, i’m so excited to become an auntie! four years ago, when i was designing little mr. re-nest #2’s nursery, i think i took a…

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a little *limited edition* action

my work in the studio has kinda been back in full swing the past couple of weeks, getting prepped + ready for the re:craft + relic show in franklin, wisconsin. i think the time away helped because the inspiration kinda started flowing like water once i got canvases + paint + brushes out. and, i…

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