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thank you, sycamore!

in my usual fashion, i’m fashionably late with this very necessary post. almost two weeks ago, i had the privilege of having another fabulously wonderful pumpkin fest weekend! this. this year was my fifth anniversary of sharing re-nest studio with the autumn craft + treasures market, and it did not disappoint. for those of you…

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sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

i love me some sparkle. it never really used to be the case, but i blame being outnumbered in the girl department in my happy home. so, when a chance to make something pink + sparkly comes around, i jump. like, seriously, jump. so, when i was so fortunate in december to meet an adorable…

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a (big) year in review

this time of year always brings about a feeling of nostalgia, or reflection, on what the past year has brought. and, now that i’m in vacation mode, i had to put together some words of thanks + love + just general wow-ness about what 2015 brought. because i’m sittin’ over here in my little corner…

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