twirly skirt

i’ve been bitten by the bug…again. the pinterest bug. i know, i talk about it all the time, but i swear, i love it. there are just some amazing ideas for home, kiddos, wardrobe, crafts…you name it, there are ideas to be found. and i have been a-findin’ the ideas.

my kiddos board on pinterest collects ideas for little guys and little gals because, well, i love girly stuff and if i can make something for a little girly girl, i am happy to get to do it. and october just happens to bring the birthdays of two little girls that we love…and i happened to have just the perfect gift idea in my pinterest pile.
so saturday it was me + trips to hobby lobby + jo-anns. all to gather supplies for the cutest little twirly skirt that will allow two special little girls to play dress up and imagine.
i found this adorable twirly skirt idea here on pinterest. looking at it, i knew it had to be super easy. a little elastic, some strips of brightly colored fabric, a little velcro and some ribbon, and you have a super adorable, girly-girl twirly skirt (which would look adorable over a pair of leggings). (note: i’m still going to add a little flower something as an extra added touch too!)
i started with two yards of 3/4″ wide white elastic…something that would be thick enough to hold wide fabric and ribbon strips. (note: if you are going to try and make this, ask what size the little one is wearing. you can google waist sizes for any size of clothing, which is exactly what i did. the little one this is for is a 4t-5t…meaning the elastic needed to be about 22″ long.) to finish off the elastic, i decided to sew on a 1″ piece of velcro on the ends…to allow for easy on-off during play time and to allow for a little bit of flexibilty in size. (another helpful note: i always tend toward velcro for kiddos stuff…rather than snaps or hook-and-eyes. just adds a little extra safety.)

for the fabric, i picked out four different patterned fabrics, all with complementary colors, and about a 1/2 yard of each. i went for the bright colors….magentas, purples, lime greens…in all different patterns…gingham, floral, polka dots. i just absolutely loved the brightness and fun in the combo of the patterns. and i paired this with two different grosgrain ribbons – a floral and a bright yellow to add some texture and color.

next step: i decided to cut the fabric into 2″ strips, using pinking shears (to keep the edges from fraying). with the 44″ bolt length of the fabric, i was able to get 18 strips from each piece of fabric, cutting each one 22″ long.

final step (get ready for the super simple part): tying one strip at a time onto the elastic (knotting to make sure the fabric/ribbons don’t come undone).

and the finished product….a super cute, super fun twirly skirt that’s fun for dress up for any little girl!


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