my well runneth over

wow. just wow. today was an amazingly awesome, fantastic, supercalifragilistic day. and, i needed to just say thank you.

the front page!

today was a great day. re-nest studio, which is a dream for me, had a great little day getting some new exposure among new friends in my town. many of you saw this today (or came to re-nest studio after reading about me) and this was pretty much one of the biggest things to happen to this little dream of mine.

for those of you new to re-nest studio, welcome. i am so, so, so thrilled and honored that you are here. that you saw something in what i do that resonated with you and your interests and your life. it is my goal to always bring new and exciting home decor ideas to this little community, and to share with you the projects i have up my sleeve that you might like. these will range from the “whoa” to the “i think i could do that,” all with the purpose of bringing you something different…a new way to arrange things, or a new color combo that you might never think to blend together, or just something gorgeous to look at. i love pretty things for the home, and i love making pretty things for the home even more!

for those of you who have been along on this journey with me…i have said it before and i will say it again. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, support and cheers for what i am trying to do. to share lovely home decor ideas and encourage the idea that each and every home should feel like it is yours. to allow me to take the love for crafting that my grandmother instilled in me thirty-plus years ago and grow it and challenge it and make it bigger and better everyday.

to everyone, you are the reason why i am still here. why each and every day i am thinking and scheming planning of new and better ways to bring you cool stuff. why, when all i want to do is go to sleep at night, that i go down to my studio and finish that new project that i can’t wait to share with y’all on the store. i want this to grow. and i love that you are all on the ride with me.


thank you. those words don’t seem like quite enough. but if you’ve ever had a passion or a dream or a want, and you’ve had anyone standing behind you cheering you on, you know what i mean. i can’t wait to keep this going for all y’all!

simply said, you are all the bomb. 🙂
much love to all my re-nest fans,


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