my bucket list: high point market

i am a lucky girl. for a lot of reasons. i have an amazing family, friends, support system, great health, a job i love, and just overall feel really, really blessed. 

i also have two bucket lists. 

a sporting event one (yes, i’m not kidding with this one). and a general one. 

the general one is kind of random. travel to italy. see spain. someday live in north carolina. someday go to the high point furniture market in high point, north carolina. 

yeah, you read that last one right. 

the high point market instagram page. check it out.
seriously. it’s gorgeous.

high point, north carolina is generally known as one of the major furniture capitals of the world. and, the high point market is like an overdose of all things home, furniture, and decor for a home-obsessed fanatic like me. it’s seriously six days of home overload (from what i’ve heard.) 

so, you see, getting to high point as just someone who loves home decor isn’t easy. from what i understand, you can’t just go on their website, get tickets, and all is great. there’s rules for who can attend.

this is where the greatness + more of what a lucky girl i am comes in. i happen to work for a pretty amazing marketing + advertising agency, and i manage a lot of social media for our clients. one of those clients happens to be a locally owned furniture store. and during a recent meeting with them, the market came up, i happened to mention that going to high point is on my bucket list (to which my boss looked at me and said, “seriously?”), and then he proceeded to offer to send me along with our great client to help them along with some of their social media efforts. 

needless to say, i took him up on that offer. 

i’m stoked. like, seriously. i’m going to have four days of getting to see the market with my client, gathering awesome new trends for their marketing and social media, and checking off one very big item on my bucket list. did i mention that i’m a lucky girl?

one week from today, i’ll be checking out the latest trends, colors, textures, styles + more at the high point market! and, i’ll be working on a little post post-market to bring a little bit o’ high point to you!

p.s. if you want a peek into all things high point, be sure to follow them over on instagram


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