happy birthday to me! (+ a big announcement!)

this post is probably not a total shocker to most of you who
follow me on facebook, or just know me in general. i love a good party. a well
done party. one where details are thought of and the little things are noticed. for the past five years, i’ve gradually gone from just making invites and a
banner for my oldest’s birthday, to doing full-fledged chaos that includes me +
a watermelon + a glue gun + a googly eye. (which i should note that
full-fledged chaos resulted in a pretty fabulous honor from project nursery….party of the week and party of the month in may 2014! but i’m not
i’ve had people tell me for the past five years (my dad),
“hey, you know you could sell this stuff.” yeah, dad, i know i could. but i have kids and a full time job and a house and a husband and oh, yeah, i’m
launching a home décor business. parties will just be my thing.
but what can i say? i love them. i love making delicate
banners and garland which will hang and be a detail for parties. so, in honor
of re-nest studio’s second birthday today (whoop! whoop!), i’m jumping in. kind of dipping a
toe in, is more like it. 
i know enough now that by launching a party line of re-nest
studio, things could get out.of.hand. so, i’m keeping it small. taking it slow. but today, i do announce the new official section to re-nest studio: the party room! (now’s the time to get out your noisemaker and make some noise!)
what will the party room include? just a few special items
available for order for your next party. cake toppers made from paper + paper
straws (still on their way to the shop!). delicate paper circle party garland
(handsewn, i should mention). high chair banners. just a few simple things for
parties. (and, i should mention, these are also fabulous items to use as props
for photos shoots with little ones too! i know i have a lot of very talented
photographer friends out there, so just putting a little bug in your ear that
these work great for photo shoots too!) 

the paper circle garland!
the very hungry caterpillar high chair banner!
if you’re curious, i’d love for you to check out the new shop section…and, custom orders are available (however, i will mention…i am
staying away from anything licensed/character related. however, having done several parties with a disney theme, it is
very possible to have a lovely banner or accent party décor in colors and
patterns that complement any of the licensed items you do buy! it’s true. i’ve
done it.) oh, and i’ll ship too, of course!

now i want to take a minute and just express how
much every single one of my supporters and fans mean to me. seriously. this all
started because i had an amazing mimi who taught me how to make things and be
crafty when i was small. and it stuck with me. and in every single piece i make
and design and when i just have a moment to sketch, she is who i think of. thank
you for continuing to support and be my cheerleader, and for allowing the
memory of my mimi come through in everything i do. you guys are the reason why i’m
taking this little shop and jumping off again and expanding (with a toe dipped
in the water). i love y’all.


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