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today, i’m three!

i can hardly believe it. sometime this week (it was either july first or july third, forgive me…), this little passion project of mine turns three years old. three years ago, i pushed aside every insecurity i had, every worry of “what if people make fun of me?” + i did it. i set up…

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everything is awesome: the party invites!

y’all know this….i love making party invitations. while right now is one of the biggest times of the year in our house, i always, always, always look forward to it. i spend months gathering ideas + inspiration + figuring out party themes…and then, i make a trek to paper source in naperville once i have…

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happy birthday to me! (+ a big announcement!)

this post is probably not a total shocker to most of you who follow me on facebook, or just know me in general. i love a good party. a well done party. one where details are thought of and the little things are noticed. for the past five years, i’ve gradually gone from just making…

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