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happy birthday to me! (+ a big announcement!)

this post is probably not a total shocker to most of you who follow me on facebook, or just know me in general. i love a good party. a well done party. one where details are thought of and the little things are noticed. for the past five years, i’ve gradually gone from just making…

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yep friends, little mr. re-nest #2’s big first birthday bash has its own hashtag. (now that i write that, it sounds so ridiculous. ridiculously cool.) 🙂 it seemed completely incomprehensible that almost one year has gone by since that thursday at the end of may, when our spicy little peanut with the most perfectly coifed…

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two very special first birthdays!

i just have to start by saying this was a week. one of those weeks were it seems like right up until 5:00 on friday, the world is just throwing challenges your way. happily, it’s the weekend. the week is behind us and we can now celebrate two very, very special first birthdays for two…

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