a #lightningmcqueen third birthday bash!

birthday season has officially wrapped at the re-nest house! i’m kind of happy to be totally honest about it. i love, love, love designing + styling my kiddos’ parties, but this year has just been a roller coaster of life, and so it was a little tougher than usual. but, the parties are wrapped, i think they were great, but most importantly, they had fun!

last weekend was little mr. re-nest #2’s third birthday bash. we were back in indiana, so i took party styling on-the-road to my mama + bonus dad’s house. at first, i wondered how party decorating at another house was going to go, but fortunately it kinda came together. plus, we were going with just a small family party, so that kept things under control manageable. (my mom still made the “i thought we were keeping this small” comment when it came to my decorating, but whatever!)

the start to this party decor was a little different than normal…we actually did a “cars” birthday party for little mr. re-nest #1 when he turned three, and somehow, someway, i had the forethought that we might have a second boy one day….so i saved a lot of the decor from that party. like, surprisingly a lot. 

one thing i really wanted to do was to create + style a backdrop for this party. my mom + bonus dad’s house has these great french doors that were the perfect place to set up a backdrop for a small cake table. i ordered a roll of red paper from amazon (prime, of course!) as the start to our backdrop. and, i repurposed some “radiator springs” postcards i had leftover from the oldest’s “cars” party! to finish off the backdrop, i made a little different kind of banner….this one had each piece just placed on the backdrop! definitely a fun change!

the other piece i was really excited about was doing a giant #3 as a party accent. i’m so happy with how this turned out, and especially love the paper fans + personalization!

and, let’s not forget about the cake! once, again, my friends at nutphree’s bakery delivered a beautifully decorated + detailed “cars” themed cake. and, i also have to mention that we drove the cake five hours to indiana with zero mishaps! 

it was a great party – a perfect party with just family to celebrate our little guy’s big birthday! 

p.s. and, here’s some more photos from the fun day!


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