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re-nest life \\ my attempt at pinterest baking

y’all know what i mean when i say “pinterest baking,” right? that attempt at making something that’s supposed to be super easy, you look at it, and say, “i can totally do that!” i got stuck in that trap this weekend. little mr. re-nest #2’s birthday is tuesday, and i’m already feeling massive guilt that…

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a #lightningmcqueen third birthday bash!

birthday season has officially wrapped at the re-nest house! i’m kind of happy to be totally honest about it. i love, love, love designing + styling my kiddos’ parties, but this year has just been a roller coaster of life, and so it was a little tougher than usual. but, the parties are wrapped, i…

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a nemo, dory + crush bash!

*disclosure: all opinions expressed below are my own + come from my personal experiences with ordering + purchasing goods and services from the shops below. last weekend wrapped up a whirlwind two months of creations, designs, planning + partying for all of us in the re-nest house. and, what better way to wrap it all…

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