a pin here, a pin there

alright, if i haven’t told you already, i have a new obsession (i have many, but i figure it’s never a bad thing to have new things in life that make you happy and help you be bigger than who you are everyday.) so the obsession is this: pinterest.com. pure love.

pinterest is an online social community where you can set up virtual pinboards…or as i explain to people, virtual mood boards. and if you’re still not sure what i’m talking about here’s the practical explanation: let’s say you read magazines. and when you see something you like in a magazine, you tear out the page. and then you have to have some sort of way to keep/organize/not lose those torn out pages. pinterest does this for you in an online way. it organizes images you like, things you want to never forget, ideas, whatever…

let’s just say i’ve found yet another way to spend time…time that i don’t always have…and i have been known to sacrifice sleep for pinterest. (anyone who knows me, i don’t sacrifice sleep for anything.)

oh, and i should mention one of the beauties of pinterest is that you can follow others’ pin boards. so you can see what your friends are pinning. which is just fun. and you can pretty much search any term in pinterest’s huge base and get a million other images which you can repin to your boards. (and your boards don’t have to just be stuff for the home…it can be anything you want.) for instance, i have a board labeled “goals.” this is what i just pinned to that board:

again, love. and if you want to join the love and craziness, i so recommend checking it out…pinterest.com, and request an invite. and if you join the pinning love fest, be sure to search for me! i love to share!

happy pinning to you!


p.s. oh, and i have to mention…there’s also a pinterest iphone app. so, yes, i have been able to continue my obsession anywhere i go.


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