a new piece for a newly refreshed home!

okay, so i can’t even believe it’s been two weeks since the last little update on this blog o’mine….it’s been cray cray around here. let’s just say that i’ve been celebrating the best kind of love with my sissy’s wedding, matroning-of-honoring (that is riddled with grammatical issues, i know!), and getting all sorts of stuff ready for a very special fundraiser at little mr. re-nest #1’s school this weekend. but i have a quick few minutes to share with you what has been going on in the studio, and a fancy new design i just finished!

y’all remember i was at the sycamore pumpkin fest a couple of weeks ago….well, i had a lovely woman come in to my booth and start chatting with me about my home canvas (one of my faves!) she told me that she had just finished refreshing her home with new paint + some new furniture, but she needed some pieces for her walls! she loved the home piece, but she wanted something a little more personalized….so right then and there, we designed it. 

we went with a 12″ x 24″ canvas (which is surprisingly quickly becoming one of my fave canvases to design to these days….), a background in charcoal grey, and a simple “the bakers, est. 2005” in layered paper art on the canvas. totally simple + totally lovely! i love that she’s planning to hang this over the front door to her home, which just seems like the perfect spot for something so personal. 

in fact, i’m so in love with this piece that i think i’m gonna have to add it to the etsy store…i mean, last weekend, i had another prospective client over to look at the home piece, and when she saw the new “the bakers” piece, she ended up ordering both! i think that’s a sign, don’t you?!?

tell me: what do you think of the new addition to the etsy shop??


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