sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

i love me some sparkle. it never really used to be the case, but i blame being outnumbered in the girl department in my happy home. so, when a chance to make something pink + sparkly comes around, i jump. like, seriously, jump.

so, when i was so fortunate in december to meet an adorable mama over facebook (thanks to her friend sharing canvases i had just made for her daughters on facebook….did you follow that?) and this mama told me all about how she wanted me to make some canvases for her teenage daughter, i jumped. this sweet mama shared with me that her daughter loves sparkle and glitter and all things girly. and, her daughter happens to be a really, really, really good figure skater. can you say f-u-n?!? 

we got to work. this awesome mama sent me pics of her bedding (which is adorbs! from anthropologie) and, i got inspired.

i loved the watercolor-esque treatment on the bedding. i loved the bright colors. and, i really loved the sayings that this mama asked to have on the canvases:

born to sparkle

some girls are just born with glitter in their veins

the sketches were so much fun to do, especially since i wanted to add a lot of sparkle + glitter, any way i could! 

we went with two different sizes….a 12″h x 24″w canvas for “born to sparkle,” and 18″w x 24″h for “some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.” for colors, we kept the palette to pinks + purples, with touches of white + sparkle with rhinestones! i think one of my very fave things about these is the “splash” of glitter on the large canvas that looks like someone threw glitter!

i can’t wait to hear how these make this young girl’s room special + feel like home for her. and, i hope these have just the right amount of sparkle for this girl (because i know she sparkles inside + out!)


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