re-nest life // a new approach to the cheeseburger….

our house lives for the cheeseburger. i’m not kidding. there’s several reasons why:

burger bites. on a mickey plate.

1. both of the littles will eat them. without pause. and without argument.

2. they are super fast to make on a weeknight that’s filled with homework, work, basketball practice, swimming, PTO, or whatever else we might choose to throw into an already chaotic week.

3. they are a great source of protein. i’m a little obsessed with making sure the boys get enough protein in their diets right now.

4. did i mention that both boys eat them without any argument? in fact, i think i usually get cheers of “yay, cheeseburgers!” when i let them know what’s for dinner. (#momwin)

even though we live for the cheeseburger, i’m always looking for new ways to make dinner fun for the boys. and, pair that with my current journey on whole30, i’m also always looking for meals that i can make for all of us that don’t cause a giant mess or require a lot of time.

when february meal planning came along, i turned to my trusty source, (not joking. if you haven’t gone over and checked out this site, do it. like, right now.) gina has a whole set of recipes that are whole30 compliant, and when i was scrolling through, i came across burger bites. the whole idea fit all of my criteria: it worked for whole30 and the whole family. #score

sunday night, we introduced burger bites for dinner. they were a hit! for the recipe, i followed the one on skinnytaste, except i cooked mine in a skillet on the stove top with a little EVOO in the pan. (and, not that it matters, but i did use ground beef – we get organic, grass-fed which is always a good way to go if you can swing it!) the best thing: i could make one dinner that worked for all of us! the boys had their burger bites on skewers with a little bit of hamburger bun (the kids love carbs….what can i say?), pickle, and some cheese cubes; i put mine on a romaine lettuce leaf with some guacamole and it was delicious!

so…moral of the story is: if you rely on hamburgers/cheeseburgers for family dinners and are needing to change it up, head over to skinnytaste and check out burger bites. i promise it will be worth it!


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