pure giddyness

yep, that pretty much sums up how i’m feeling this week. giddy. goodness, i love being crafty and creative and the happiness and joy it brings to others. that makes me giddy. oh and the upcoming holidays make me pretty darn happy too!

at one of my last shows, i had the chance to meet a lovely new re-nest fan, and over the past couple of weeks, i’ve had the opportunity of helping with some holiday gifts for her. one of those was a brand new piece…an idea that was born out of her niece recently having joined a sorority. of course, having been in a sorority myself, i remembered the great friends that were brought into my life because of joining greek life. and from this exciting time in her niece’s life, came a brand new re-nest studio piece….

the new customized sorority letters + icon framed paper art!

so, this got me thinking. i remember when i first got into my sorority (and then the years after when we were welcoming new members in), that you pretty much are on the lookout for anything and everything with your letters on it. why couldn’t this piece be a lovely little addition to a college student’s dorm room or apartment or room at the sorority house? so, i bring you the new customized sorority letters + icon framed paper art

i just remember wanting and needing the rooms that i lived in in college to feel something like home…to have some pretty to them to help make the small space not feel so, well, small. having prettiness and cuteness in a college room can help. a lot.

with this new product intro, also comes a new shop section on the re-nest studio etsy store…introducing college spaces! this one piece is just the start…keep an eye out as we continue to expand this section of the store in 2014, and add more special designs for the college life!



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