my top five valentine’s day gifts ideas (that last!)

i totally and completely get valentine’s day and flowers and chocolate. i love flowers and chocolate. but…i also feel really, really, really badly when i discover how much my husband pays for the flowers (that die) and the chocolate (that i eat…quickly). and, i understand how it can be hard to come up with other valentine’s day gift ideas…so, i don’t know if there’s anyone else out there that might like to get a valentine’s day gift that:

  1. lasts.
  2. is meaningful.

i’m here to help this year. ❤️ {and, i’m just adding this here too: i’m helping your wallet too with a 20% off code for anything on my shop between now and 2.14.21. just use code WELOVELOVE}

if you would like to change things up this year for your valentine’s day, i have five (!) gift ideas that check both the boxes above (hint: feel free to send these to the one who is buying you your valentine’s gift this year! or, heck…why not buy it for yourself?!)

1. special dates framed wall art: every family has special dates that mean something…birthdays, anniversaries, pet birthdays, graduation dates, the day you moved into your new house, whatever dates mean something to *your* family. all i need are your dates (up to 8 dates, please!), your choice of background color, and frame color and i take care of the rest.

what i love about this gift (besides that it doesn’t die like flowers do) is that it totally helps tell your family’s story in a modern way. it’s the perfect addition to an entryway, a gallery wall, a staircase photo wall, an office…wherever you put your photo memories in your home. and, if you need help trying to figure out what dates to put, i’m here to help! (the photo is actually my family’s special dates art! the dates we used are: our first date, our engagement date, our wedding date, our first puppy’s birthday, my husband’s grad date, our two son’s birthdays, and our new puppy’s birthday.)


2. the story of us canvas wall art: if you’re looking for something uber-personalized (and that might just make your loved one cry), this might be *the* gift idea. it’s my version of taking the look of subway art and making it tell your story about your history and family. it’s one of my absolute favorite pieces to make because i’m always so honored that my clients share so much of themselves with me!

to get this gift started, all i need is your choice of canvas size (16″ x 20″ or 24″ x 30″), a background color, and a list of names, dates, special places, special sayings, words that make up your family!

{inside scoop on our canvas: we added special vacations (big mountain, bahamas, florida, NYC, maui), our babies + their birthdays, our ties to indiana, MFEO (made-for-each-other, a nod to “sleepless in seattle.”) there really are no rules…anything that means something to you is fair game!}

3. wedding coordinates framed art: i totally confess that this is one of my most popular engagement + wedding gifts. it’s such a great conversation piece to have in your house (i know people always ask us what ours means! and, i always get curious questions on this piece at my craft shows!) it’s super simple: all i need is the name of the place where you and your love got engaged or married, a pick of background color, and pick of frame finish.

{inside scoop on our wedding coordinates framed art: this is the location of the indiana historical society in indianapolis, indiana! it’s where the mr. + i got married almost 17 years ago and started this crazy journey together!}



4. spooning since shadow box: alright, this one gets allllll the giggles every time i share it. i mean seriously, you giggled a little bit when you saw it, right? okay, so let’s get down to the details of this adorable, hilarious addition to your home decor. you pick the background color, the shadow box color, and give me the year you + your love started your relationship…i’ll design + add the spoons.

i feel like this design might be great for a gallery wall. or in a master bedroom. or in a kitchen. speaking of which, i also feel like this might be the perfect valentine’s gift for someone who really likes to cook!




5. DIY heart chalkboard kit: this one’s for the people who love to be crafty. or, for the kids in your life who would love to have something creative to do during the winter months. either way, it’s a great way to add a little something to your valentine’s decor…or, have somewhere that you can leave sweet, loving messages to each other throughout the month of february.

{here’s a hint from someone who spends a lot of time at craft stores: if your loved one likes making stuff, likes being creative, or seems to bring home a lot of bags from michaels or hobby lobby, getting something like this would be pretty awesome. yes, it’s something small, but sometimes the small gifts speak volumes, ammirite?}



there you have it, friends! my top five ways i’m helping you cross valentine’s day off your list early this year*…and with saving some money too! i’m always available to help with questions, or ideas, or whatever you or your loved one needs this holiday season!


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