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babies love bubbles…and valentine’s day!

even though valentine’s day was almost a week ago, i totally believe that the whole month of february should be dressed in pink +red + hearts all over. because when it’s so cold and dreary, who doesn’t need a little love to make it through this time of the year? this year, valentine’s day was kind…

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valentine’s day: solved!

***attention: valentine’s day is coming. maybe you tell your spouse/significant other that you “don’t really want anything this year” or “oh, it’s just a silly holiday,” but trust me, they would like a little something to celebrate the day of love. (just trust me. i’ve been on the giving end of “oh, it’s okay, you…

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just a little more of the love stuff

if you saw the previous post, you know i’m a sucker for valentine’s day. and i didn’t just get the hearts and pink and red and sparkle out for the valentine’s party we went to. we needed to spread a little of the love cheer to our closest family this year. so we quickly wanted…

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