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a re-nest diy // valentine’s day friendship rocks

the below diy was written for and published in the january/february 2020 issue of invironments magazine. enjoy!  “Valentine’s Day Friendship Rocks with Ashley Murcia” Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you can get your kiddos in on the DIY fun for helping them make Valentines for their friends. This year, skip the box of…

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babies love bubbles…and valentine’s day!

even though valentine’s day was almost a week ago, i totally believe that the whole month of february should be dressed in pink +red + hearts all over. because when it’s so cold and dreary, who doesn’t need a little love to make it through this time of the year? this year, valentine’s day was kind…

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valentine’s day: solved!

***attention: valentine’s day is coming. maybe you tell your spouse/significant other that you “don’t really want anything this year” or “oh, it’s just a silly holiday,” but trust me, they would like a little something to celebrate the day of love. (just trust me. i’ve been on the giving end of “oh, it’s okay, you…

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