how to make a thanksgiving centerpiece (with your kids!)

okay, friends. i’ve failed y’all. i had this craft set as our last crafts + kids class, and i had to cancel. and, with thanksgiving coming up there’s just not been the time to sit down and go live. so…we’re gonna go old school + share the how-to here on the blog!

let’s start with the supply list, shall we? when you head out to get the last minute stuff for your turkey day (or just want to round up supplies from your kiddos’ craft stash, here’s what you need!

step 1: have your kiddos grab the scrapbook paper and a pair of safe scissors, and start cutting out leaves from the paper. they can draw leaves and cut them out or freehand cut them…whatever they would like! i’d recommend that they cut 2-3 leaves from each of the four colors of paper.

step 2: have your kids grab their marker and start writing what they are thankful for on each leaf! it’s such a great time to have a valuable conversation with your kids about what is great in their life, what they are lucky to have, and what is important to them. (we had a great time talking about what we’re thankful for!)

step 3: once all of your leaves are ready, we’ll next use the hole punch to add a hole in the top of each leaf.

step 4: now we’ll thread the string/jute cord through each leaf! grab the scissors and cut an 8″ – 10″ piece of string for each leaf, thread the string through each leaf and tie a knot at the top to give each leaf a hanger.

step 5: let’s get the vase ready! (*note: it helps to have an adult help out here with the rocks + glass vase!) add rocks to the bottom of your vase, and then add in your sticks, using the rocks to help hold the sticks in place.

step 6: start having your kiddo add their leaves to the sticks to make a tree! your centerpiece will be such a fantastic addition and conversation piece for your thanksgiving table!

i’d love, love, love to see pics of your kiddos’ thanksgiving centerpieces! make sure to tag me on instagram (@reneststudio) or on facebook so we can see your kids’ works of thanksfulness! have a very happy + blessed thanksgiving, friends!


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